Thursday 20 July 2023, 6.00-7.00pm
Room 203 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

DNA screening for risk of disease that can be prevented or treated (like some cancers or heart disease) is being offered to 10,000 Australians (18-40yo) though the DNA Screen pilot study. This testing could save lives, but there are many ethical and societal issues to consider. Are Australians ready for this kind of testing? Would you take the test?  What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? How does this compare to international approaches? Join this exciting event to learn about cutting-edge research, informing the future of population DNA screening. Be part of the conversation!

Hosted by Natasha Mitchell, presenter of ABC Radio National's Big Ideas program and podcast. You can listen to the program made from this event here or on the ABC Listen app (within Australia) or on your favourite podcast app (not yet on Spotify)
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Panelists included:

Assoc. Prof Paul Lacaze (Monash University) - a pioneering leader in
public health genomics and population DNA screening. 
He is the Project Leader of DNA Screen

Dr Jane Tiller (Monash University) - a lawyer and genetic counsellor
and has a keen interest in the ethical and legal aspects of genomics and public health

Professor Nancy Cox (Vanderbilt University, USA) - Director of the Vanderbilt Genetics
Institute and Director of the Division of Genetic Medicine.

This is a free event, but tickets are required.  Tickets are available here.

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